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    We completely understand the importance of transitioning your support to Artland. We will address all of your concerns and put your mind at res

    . The top three issues that we see repeatedly arise are:
    • Cost – The cost of taking on an existing SAP Implementation
    • Credibility – The credibility of any new potential partner
    • Fear – The fear of changing, often not only the partner but also the approach to supporting SAP

    One of the key differences with Artland is that we genuinely care about our clients. You will be appointed a Client Manager from our expert team who will ensure that we not only deliver what we promise, but also that we are proactive and offer advice and guidance on a regular basis. We work with SAP on a daily basis and will ensure we keep you abreast of any changes in the SAP marketplace, new technology and what is happening across different industry sectors.

    We will meet with you regularly and we will demonstrate that being a client of Artland is different to being a client of most other providers of SAP services as we focus on you and what is important for your business.